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You haven’t come this far for a reason. Is it because you need a little help and you need to know where to start?

Welcome, I’m Monima and my soul purpose is to help Entrepreneurs and those of you who are looking to refresh you online visuals. I’m here to help you get that beautiful bank of images that will elevate your business.

So as a Coventry Personal Brand Photographer and a small business owner, I will say that having quality visuals as your go to, is so important. You need your awesome bank of images to make sure you are captivating your audience with superior content.

As an experienced photographer for many years, I've now grown to learn how important images are, but the passion of photography goes into a deeper level sometimes, Competitions. 

This is when I know the quality of images delivered to my clients, are always edited in the same way that I would when entering photography competitions. This is the unique Boutique Client experience, that I will always give to all of my clients. Your images are superior, they will stand out and they will captivate your audience.

This was our biggest learning curve, when it came to our own website and sometimes mobile device images will not always unfortunately cut it.

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Who needs a Personal Brand Photographer?

There are endless benefits of why you should have a Brand photographer, which are detailed in our Blog called 'What is Brand Photography', but here are a few….

Here at Brand Photography with Monima, we offer a personal, bespoke client experience.

If you’re a business owner providing a service or beautiful products, then chances are somewhere on Social Media you are visible.

You’re awesome at what you do, but you just need to find some time to turn your online visuals into the amazing content that tells your story. The visuals that most people will see.

So how can I help you, you ask ?

I can save you hours if not days. Let’s be honest, we can all take photos with our mobiles, but by the time you’ve found the latest free app, chosen a multitude of filters, cropped and have done your best to sort out the lighting issue somehow, like many you have probably lost the will to live.

Now, imagine doing this most days when you are trying to keep up with Social Media and let’s not forget your actual Business.

Together with you, I can help you create beautiful visual content, that is specific to your brand, your mission, your value, so you can stop thinking about what to post or clearing the children and your dog out the living room to get your “Lifestyle at home” shot.

Let me help you to stand out from the crowd. The person you are, the service you give, the products you sell, are the things that make you and your business unique.

Through a Brand Clarity session we can take what makes you unique and create your story through images to make you more visible, and bring your business to life for your clients too.

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Your 6 Step Client Experience

6 Step Client Experience