Award Winning Coventry Automotive Photographer

What is Automotive Photography?

Automotive photography (also known as vehicle photography) is the broad term used for the genre that includes photographing cars or motorbikes.

Whilst the genre can be particularly challenging, experienced automotive photographers should have gained the knowledge on to capture stunning emotive images. Often capturing the finer details of any vehicle they photograph.

What does an Automotive Photographer do?

Car photography is about using light to shape, and highlight the key features of a vehicle to accentuate the stunning details that vehicles often possess.

Designers spend vast hours designing and detailing vehicles over many different reiterations and it is then the vehicle photographers responsibility to capture these minute details and create stunning images.

Where is Automotive Photography used?

Whilst the term 'Automotive' is often only thought of in the context cars or motorbikes it can include, lorries, tractors or other industrial vehicles.

If it has wheels an engine and moves, it is a vehicle and would be covered under this genre.

A stunning Blue Audi R8 V10 Plus car

Stunning Images created for Wall Art

Fine art photograph of a Jaguar logo

Fine Art Car Photography

How much does Automotive Photography cost?

Due to the different styles of Automotive Photography, there is no single answer to this. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration, for example:

  • Is this a studio photoshoot, in which the actual renting of the studio and lighting needs to be factored into the equation.
  • The location of the shoot
  • The customers requirements.
  • How many images are ultimately required and in what format.

It is rare to get an image straight out of camera that does not need editing work, so this may need to be factored into the equation.

A light painted BMW NineT motorcycle with a dark background

Light Painted BMW nineT Roadster

A custom built BMW motorbike

On location custom built BMW motorbike

An Award Winning Automotive Photographer

Automotive by SimplyGreatShots is about photographing awesome Cars and Motorbikes. In fact, if it has wheels and goes fast, we're all over it!

Carl is a multi-award winning Automotive Photographer in Coventry who loves all aspects of Automotive Photography.

Automotive photography comes in many guises, from light painting, static shots, rolling shots, aerial shots, composite shots and even detailed fine art shots concentrating on the smaller intricate details that designers have poured over during the development stages.

SimplyGreatShots can then take these automotive images and create bespoke pieces of Wall-Art, which will adorn any wall in your home.

Having won multiple awards for Automotive Photography, you can have confidence in our ability to produce something unmistakably unique.

If you have anything automotive related that you would like to have photographed, Automotive by SimplyGreatShots can create stunning images, and are happy to collaborate with you, to create and produce artwork you can truly be proud of.

For any Automotive Photography queries please contact Carl on 07970 059639, alternatively please use the Contact page and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Check out our Blog 'Tips for Automotive Photographers' which details our Top 10 tips on what to lookout for with Automotive photography. We believe that if incorporate these in your photoshoots they will help you to produce better images and ultimately to become a better Automotive Photographer.

BMW motorcycle detailed headlight photograph
An Audi R8 V10 from above which won a gold award
Rear view of a Lotus Evija
Fine Art Photo of the front of a Jaguar
Jaguar interior photograph
Black and White Edit of a Mercedes 300SL
Photograph from above of a white VW Tiguan driving fast at night
A side on view of a Ford GT40 car.
Aerial photograph of Red Ford Mustang from Above.
Side view of a red Ford Mustang with a reflection
V8 Supercharged Range Rover Black and White front view
A red Jaguar XE car rig shot
Black and White photograph of a front view of a VW Tiguan
A front view of a red mustang with lights on
Fuel tank of a Honda motorbike
Aerial Photograp of Supercharged V8 Range Rover with smiling man looking through the sunroof