Why is it important to have a Pre-Wedding Consultation

Establishing Expectations:

A pre-wedding consultation allows you to communicate your vision, preferences, and expectations to us. This ensures that everyone involved understands your needs for special wedding day.

Clarifying Services:

It gives us a chance to outline the services we provide and address any particular preferences or personalisations you might have in mind. This ensures that we're all on the same page and helps prevent any unexpected outcomes on your special day.

Building Rapport:

Meeting you both beforehand helps us to establish a personal connection and build rapport. This is really important for us as your wedding photographers, as how you feel with us can significantly impact the quality of your final wedding photographs.


Pre-wedding consultations allows both yourselves and us to identify any potential challenges or issues early on and come up with solutions together. This proactive approach can help prevent problems from arising on the wedding day itself.

Logistics Planning:

Discussing logistics such as timing, setup requirements, and venue specifics during the consultation ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding the practical details of the event.

Finalising Details:

It provides an opportunity to finalise details such as timelines, the must have photography list of family and friends, floral arrangements for photography, and other important elements of your special wedding day. This ensures that everything is in order and reduces last-minute stress.

Budget Management:

Discussing pricing, payment schedules, and any additional fees or charges during the consultation helps you to manage your budget effectively and avoid any unexpected financial surprises later on.

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