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A happy couples first dance - West Midlands Wedding photographer

From the First Date to I Do

True Love Stories Never End

Hello and welcome to Simplygreatshots Wedding Photography by Monima and Carl and firstly, huge Congratulations to you both !!

Close your eyes and think back to the magical atmosphere of your first date. The butterflies in your stomach, the nervous laughter, and the conversations that characterised that unforgettable evening. Share the details of where it all began, and how that first date set the tone for your Love story.

Now let's continue with your Love Story with beautiful memories created from your Special Wedding Day.

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Vacation Weddings - Wedding Photographs taken in Jamaica by SimplyGreatShots Photography

Capturing the Essence of your Wedding Day

We're proud to be based in Coventry, but our passion for wedding photography knows no bounds. From local celebrations to venues across the UK and Destination Wedding Photography too!.

We're dedicated to capturing your special day wherever love takes you.

Experience our signature friendly and relaxed approach as we capture every moment of your wedding day. Our goal is to craft elegant and stylish wedding photographs that you'll proudly share in your wedding albums, preserving precious memories for years to come.

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A beautiful Bride walking down the stairs in Warwickshire

Capturing those Authentic Memories

We will always capture those cherished wedding photographs with your loved ones, but we'll also dedicate a moment to create that breathtaking WOW shot!!

While you're fully engaged in the joy of your wedding day, our goal is to effortlessly photograph those cherished moments with a natural and discreet approach. 

 Feel free to enjoy every moment, knowing that we're discreetly documenting the day, allowing you to savor the experience without interruption.

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A beautiful Wedding Photograph of an elderly couple taken in Sutton Coldfield

Discover Your Signature Wedding

As much as we would love to have a personal photography style, we are more of a versatile entity, adaptable to different styles and approaches.

However, we can definitely help you explore various photography styles and suggest others that might resonate with your vision for the wedding.

Whether you're into classic elegance, documentary-style candid shots, or something more artistic and creative. We’re here to assist.

Wedding Photography  Collections


A beautiful brides beaming smile to camera at their Vacation Wedding in Jamaica

While we're thrilled to offer personalised wedding photography collections tailored to your specific desires, we're confident that our curated selection of wedding photography collections listed below will beautifully meet your needs.

All  Wedding Photography COLLECTIONS include:

  • Pre-wedding consultation at our home studio or via telephone to tailor your wedding day vision.

Please take a moment to read

Your Pre-Wedding Consultation

  • Diverse selection of wedding photographs delivered in both vibrant Color and timeless Black & White.

  • Exclusive access to your personalised, password-protected wedding photograph gallery for convenient viewing and ordering of your wedding photography albums to remind you of your wedding day as time passes by

  • Every wedding photograph is meticulously edited by us to ensure timeless elegance and uniqueness.

  • All wedding photographs provided for download, enabling effortless sharing on your favorite social media platforms.

We've carefully curated three wedding collections to cater to different preferences and budgets, hoping to offer something for everyone.

Should you require a personalised touch, we're more than happy to create a bespoke package tailored just for you. Let's chat about making your special day truly unforgettable










A stunning Husband and Wife portrait photograph taken in a grand hall.

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A bride and her best friends at her Wedding in Sutton Coldfield
A bride waiting patiently before she walks down the aisle
A Husband and Wife photograph taken in Jamaica
A Groom looking pensive whilst waiting for his 'Wife to be' to arrive.
A groom nervously waits for the bride to walk down the aisle
A Husband and Wife begin to cut their Wedding cake
A Stunning Wedding bouquet of flowers
A Groom places a wedding ring on the the Bride
A beautiful bride in her stunning Wedding dress