Coventry Aerial Roof Inspections.

Drone & Aerial Roof inspections in Coventry & Warwickshire.

SimplyGreatShots are able to complete Aerial Roof Inspections in Warwickshire and surrounding areas using Drones or a camera mast system.

We currently hold a A2 CofC Certification and are fully insured for Commercial and Residential work.

How can an Aerial Roof Inspection benefit you?

Using Drones or a camera mast we are able to get incredibly close to buildings and provide detailed images which will help you identify any potential issues on your roof.

Traditional Roof inspection methods involving Scaffolding and Cherry Pickers can often be expensive and time consuming. They may also involve risk assessment planning to ensure Health and Safety is adhered to. All of which add delays and potential costs.

In comparison Aerial Roof Inspections are inexpensive and can be carried out quickly.

When you have an issue with a leaking roof, you need the issue identifying and fixing as soon as possible. SimplyGreatShots can arrive at your premises, carryout the survey and provide high resolution images the very same day.

This enables you to quickly provide a detailed analysis of your issue to professional Roofing companies to enable them to rectify the issue as soon as possible.

What type of images can you capture during an Aerial Roof Survey?

With high definition images and/or 4k video footage we are able to capture the roof in its entirety or specific areas of the roof, such as:

  • Ridge tiles and mortar.
  • Broken tiles, or tiles that may have shifted.
  • Fascia’s and Soffits
  • Guttering
  • Chimneys
  • Pointing
  • Flashing
  • Skylights
  • Conservatory’s
Drone Roof Inspection

Drone Roof Inspections / Drone Roof Surveys can be carried out during daylight hours weather permitting.

Our Drones or UAV's cannot fly in rain or windy conditions exceeding 20mph.

Providing it is safe to do so we can we can launch a Drone and take the necessary images or video to isolate any damage to the roof.

The time required to complete a Roof Inspection is dependant upon the size of a roof. For a typical 3 bedroom house, we would usually expect to be on site for up to 1 hour, with the drone being in the air for less than half of this time. Bigger or more complex roofs will take longer than this.

As SimplyGreatShots are a Drone operator with many years experience we are aware that there may be certain areas that you just cannot fly due to the building location, or indeed due to a complex roof structure.

In these instances we also have camera's that can mount to 11m a mast/pole system that can be remotely controlled. The pole can be manoeuvred into the required area and the pole operator is able to see what the camera is focusing on. High Definition photographs can then be taken.

roof tile with missing mortar

Cracked and missing mortar.

guttering filled with moss

Guttering filling up with moss from the roof.

The photographs below started out as a single story flat roof inspection using one of our camera inspection masts, and quickly escalated into something more than just a roof survey.

This home owner knew that the flat roof needed work doing due to having water ingress, which had affected the ceiling below.

Due to the way the garden sloped away from the rear of the property (which restricted what was visible above the flat roof) they had no idea that the render on the back of the house was blown and also needed to be repaired / replaced.

With our camera inspection masts we can get really close and zoom in up to x30 to find any issues, on roofs, guttering, mortar, fascias etc.

a flat roof inspection

A badly repaired flat roof, and render that was cracked and loose.

inspecting inside guttering

Camera inspection mast inspecting the guttering.

asphalt that has lifted and caused a leaking roof

Roof Inspection showing where asphalt has lifted.