Photography is a Craft

Carl Simpson-Smith (QGPP) is an Award Winning, Qualified Professional Photographer with The Guild of Photographers and holds a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) as a Drone Pilot.


Why choose an Award winning Qualified Professional Photographer?

When you are putting your trust in the hands of a photographer to capture those once in a lifetime moment, our skills allow us to create memories that last a lifetime. 

We get one chance, and we will capture your precious memories.

Guild of Professionals, Memberships and Qualifications

When you decide to book with SimplyGreatShots to capture your precious memories, you can be assured of quality as we are both members of The Guild of Photographers.

As skilled and qualified photographers we hold the most industry relevant titles of any photographic association. 

The Guild ensures our skills are measured and shows you, that we are committed to providing you the very best service.

Who are the Guild of Photographers?

People working in crafts have organised themselves into guilds as far back as Saxon times, and by the medieval period, guilds had a fundamental role to 'protect the quality and reputation of a trade'.

Most guilds would consist of those seen as being able to produce a good standard of work (those ‘Qualified’ to work in the trade), those who were exceptionally skilful (the ‘Craftsman’), and those who could go beyond even that and create a Masterpiece (the ‘Master Craftsman’).

The Guild of Photographers is still no different than the original guilds, in that it wishes to protect the quality and reputation of our trade, hence the membership structure is aligned to that of historical context…

A Warwickshire Professionally Qualified Photographer certificate.