SimplyGreatShots Automotive Photography were initially contacted through our social media channels to photograph a custom custom built (one of a kind) Drift Rod.

Our client fabricated and created this awesome machine throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, purchasing the cab and engine and then building from scratch the chassis, grill and the remainder of the body.

After being sent a few photographs and seeing what our client had built, we only too happy be be involved with photographing this awesome machine.

Terry Mitchell, the amazingly talented engineer who built this Drift Rod commented:

in excess of 12,000 hours of labour have gone into the build.

The specifications on this OMGOG Super Turbo Drift Rod (based off a 1941 Ford Pickup cab) are truly insane!

  • Mercedes OM606 Diesel straight 6 producing just over 500bhp with 900Nm torque.
  • Manual 6 Speed Mercedes Gearbox Conversion
  • Holset HX40 Twin Scroll Dieselmeken Rebuilt & Modified Fuel Pump (7.5mm Elements)
  • 8.8 Rear Axle With LSD & Girdle
  • Willwood Pedal Box & Disc brakes all round
  • Full CDS Tubular Roll Cage & Exoskeleton
  • 6" Stainless Exhaust Stack
  • Stainless Boost Pipes
  • Bosch 044Fuel Pump
  • MSA 6 Point Harnesses
  • MSA Bucket Seats
  • Hydraulic handbrake
Automotive photographs of a Drift Rod - Centre page feature in Custom Car magazine

Centre page feature in the 'Custom Car' automotive magazine

As an Automotive Photographer, producing excellent images of someones pride and joy gives us huge pleasure and is something we always strive to do.

Photography and cars are two of Carl's main interests so when he gets the chance to combine these, he is in his element.

When these images are subsequently printed in various Magazine features, this proves that the care, attention to detail and effort taken in photographing and editing these cars (bikes or anything

else with wheels for that matter) was totally worthwhile.

As an automotive photographer, apart from a very happy client, nothing gives you more pleasure that seeing your own work being acknowledged as good to enough to be the main feature in nationally recognised magazines.

From the photoshoot itself our client was provided with 12 images and most of these images were featured in the 'Custom Car' magazine.

A photograph of the drift rod car's interior

The Drift Rod's interior perfectly matches the exterior

A photograph of a drift rod car doing a rear wheel burn-out

Rear wheel drive burn-out!

A photograph of the front end of this Drift Rod car

A dark edit of the Drift Rod.

An overhead photograph of a Drift Rod car.

An overhead photograph shows the stunning attention to detail on this build. The cab was left untouched apart from being painted and clearly shows signs of a previous hard life.

A side on view of a Drift Rod car.

A side on view of this stunning Rat Rod car.

From the same Drift Rod car photography session various photographs were also featured in the 'Practical Performance Car' car magazine.

Drift Rod Car photograph featured on the front cover of a magazine.

Photographs featured on the front page of 'Practical Performance Car' magazine



A photograph of front end of a Drift Rod car

Additional photographs used in the same months issue of 'Practical Performance Car' magazine.

An overhead photograph of a custom build Drift Rod
A rolling photograph of a Drift Rod car driving down the road

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