Award Winning Professional Photography

Back in early 2020 (before the Pandemic took a hold) Monima talked me into joining the Guild of Photographers as a way to gauge where we were as photographers, and to help us improve and individually become better photographers across a range of different Genres.

2020 obviously became a year to remember for all the wrong reasons, and as photographers this restricted our ability to get out and photograph as much as we would have liked to, however got out we did, when we were allowed to do so!

The Guild run a monthly competition called 'The Image of the Month Competition' (IOM) where images have to be submitted before mid-night on the last day of the month. These images are then assessed and graded by a number of highly experienced and respected Judges who grade them in accordance with international judging criteria. Results are then released on the 21st of the following month.

As defined by 'The Guild Of Photographers' the following grades may be awarded to your images, if they are assessed to be of the required standard.

  • A Platinum Bar .. Images of exceptional or outstanding quality (only awarded to the ultimate of images)
  • A Gold Bar .. Images of particular distinction (very rare)
  • A Silver Bar .. Images that are very well crafted (difficult to achieve)
  • A Bronze Bar .. Images of a strong standard at a national competition level (something to be proud of)...Those scoring a High Bronze, not far from Silver will be notified, for personal information - it is not a separate award.

The feedback provided by the Guild, and a small bunch of fellow photographers in my Buddy Group have been instrumental in improving my photography and post production skills in the last 12 months.

I have been an Aerial Photographer for many years, so it was only natural that some of my images would be based around Aerial Photography, however I desperately wanted to improve my photography with a traditional handheld camera.

I think it's safe to say I managed to achieve this throughout 2020 when I was awarded:

  • 17 Bronze Bars (of which 4 were High Bronze)!
  • 2 Silver Bars!

This page is intended to showcase a small percentage of these images.

An Aerial Photograph of a white car driving down a road at night in Warwickshire
Concorde speeding down a runway


Concorde ranks in my top 5 favourite planes of all time, and clearly the Judges liked this image as well, awarding it a Silver Bar!

Tornado GR4 Fighter Jet from above

Tornado GR4

Another from my top 5 is the Tornado GR4, this was awarded a Bronze Bar.

A photograph of a Beautiful Butterfly

Stratford Butterfly Farm

Prior to lockdown we managed to visit Stratford Butterfly Farm where I took this photo of a stunning butterfly. This was awarded a Bronze.

A ladybird on a dandelion flower head

Ladybird on a Dandelion

Keeping on a theme of all things that fly, captured in our back garden during lockdown, a Ladybird on a dandelion.

Awarded a High Bronze Bar.

An ICM image taken of woods in Derbyshire

In Camera Motion (ICM)

In camera motion (ICM) is the deliberate movement of the camera whilst taking a photograph, often used to give more interesting feel to a photograph. I feel this works perfectly on this image, the Judges awarded this a High Bronze Bar.

A swan and her beautiful young cygnets

Swan and her three Cygnets

Sometimes you expect an image to do well, only to be told that the image just hasn't hit the mark.

This Swan and her three Cygnets photograph was only classed as a classified photograph, due to the head of the swan being slightly out of focus.

In addition to this photographs shown here, we have won multiple awards for our Automotive Photography. This is an area we are looking forward to hopefully expanding into when the conditions allow.