Portrait & Lifestyle Photography in Coventry

Portraiture & Lifestyle photography captures a moment in time...

Life travels so fast that years seem to go by in an instant. Children grow up so quickly and our elders grow gracefully older.

SimplyGreatShots Photography believe that great photography should take pride of place in your home and not be stuck on a phone or hard drive, never to see the light of day again.

How often have you taken a photograph on your phone or camera, only for the photograph of that special memory to be shared once on Social Media, never to see the light of day again.

Capture those fantastic memories and share those stunning pictures for everyone to see in your home!

A pretty little girl in a green dress
A mother and her two daughters pose for the camera
Asian lady wearing a Sari
A loving husband and wife photograph whilst sitting down
Ginger haired boy sitting on a park bench
Blonde haired lady in a red dress
A little girl smiling for the camera with daisies in her hair
A lady posing for the camera
A close up portrait of a little girl
A lady looking at herself in a mirror
A lady posing in a red sweater
A family having fun throwing leaves into the air
A young lady poses in front of Coombe Abbey
An elderly couple pose for the camera
A family photograph